7 Simple SEO Tactics for Increasing Your Web Traffic | Ep. #40

In Episode #40 Neil and Eric discuss the 7 simple SEO tactics for increasing your web traffic. Neil shares the reason for his long blog posts and why you should link them to your most popular page. Learn how to optimize your website’s exposure with these easy, non-technical steps.

Time Stamped Show Notes:  00:29 – 7 Simple SEO tactics to sky rocket your traffic 00:49 – Linking to your most popular pages 01:19 – Make sure to link on every blog post 01:29 – Featured snippets 01:53 – How to Rank Zero 02:01 – Make sure you have a H1 title and tag 02:19 – Google’s role 03:01 – Click through rates 03:18 – Optimizing title tags 03:48 – Think of title tags as human 04:14 – People love to Google, “What is SEO?” 04:27 – Second order page scraping 04:37 – Getting into Google search console 05:25 – Google likes to audition you 05:50 – Neil’s loooong blog posts 06:05 – More keywords you have, more long tail terms 06:38 – More detailed content, more sure traffic 07:02 – Transcribing videos 07:05 – Rev.com 07:15 – Search engines can’t crawl videos 07:29 – Google image search 07:57 – Naming your image files properly 08:30 – Optimize image file names and alt tags 08:44 – End of today’s episode 3 Key Points: Link all blog posts to the most popular page you have. Optimize titles, tags, and images. Transcribe videos for content. Resources Mentioned: How to Rank Zero – read on how to optimize your title and tag Google – the most used search engine Rev.com –for transcribing videos Leave some feedback:

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