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If you’re looking to increase the return on investiment, then you want to establish an integrated marketing campaign. An integrated advertising communications campaign takes advantage of a lot more than one medium to communicate information to your audience. Integrated marketing and advertising can also mean an internet marketing campaign that leverages the use of different media channels relevant to the different type of consumers. A comprehensive campaign is offered by a full service integrated marketing agency

The most effective integrated marketing strategies start out with the media channel that potential clients use consistently. For example, Generation Y is very engaged with immediate email. Scientific studies have proven that men and women who are in this consumer segment devote a good deal of their time opening and responding to their email. In this case, you want to make sure that you speak with Generation Y and that prospects are aligned with their communication choice, by emailers.

After your decision on where to start, think about other media channels used by your target segment. It could be the next channel used by Generation Y if it is radio, followed by television, and then your campaign need to be planned that way. With at minimum two advertising and marketing mediums recognized, you are all set to get started planning your upcoming advertising and marketing campaign.

Nowadays there are a quite some people who prefer online transactions. It is ideal to target this group using online advertising campaigns. There are several online strategies one can put in place, such as online banners, AdWords and SEO (search engine optimisation) Social media management campaign is great for brand awareness and customer relationship management.
Most of the Full-service advertising agencies in Johannesburg have the solution you need for any campaign from print, radio, television, digital marketing, design event management and more.

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