The Perfect Part Time Job

I applied as a part time helper in Singapore, in order to clean homes and businesses, because I found myself in a situation where I needed to pay off several large bills in a hurry. Since I already have a full time job that keeps me pretty busy, I knew I had to find a position with a lot of flexibility. I also needed an employer who wasn’t going to call me at all hours in order to get me to come in for extra hours. The first job I got did exactly that and I dropped the job very quickly.

I found the cleaning company that I ended up applying with quite easily: they’re the people who clean the office I where I work. I’m often there when the people show up to get things done and all of them seemed very friendly. I asked one of them about working at the company and they showed me the website where you can apply online. They even said they’d talk to their boss back at their office and put in a good word for me since I seemed nice and never bothered them while they worked!

I filled out the form and got a call the very next day. I explained my situation and what hours I thought would work for me and they immediately agreed. They said they had several jobs where I would fit in well and that I should come in for an interview. I went in on my lunch hour and had the job about twenty minutes later. I’ve been working with them for a few weeks and it’s really the best part time job I’ve ever had. The people on my crew are great and the customers are friendly. It’s not hard work either. I’ll have those bills paid off in no time.

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