The State of SEO and Internet Marketing 2015 – Bruce Clay, Inc., – Google+ Business Spotlight

How can website owners, SEO’s, and online marketers stay competitive in Google for 2015 and beyond? Learn from one of the most prominent names in this industry, Bruce Clay.

This week we are honored to welcome Bruce Clay, Inc., a leader in the SEO and internet marketing field since 1996.

1:15 Get to know the history of Bruce Clay, Inc.

9:07 Bruce Clay talks about his content strategy, as well as the reasons behind the courses and tools they offer.

13:30 If you need to learn how to do SEO, you need to find someone in the knowledge transfer business. Bruce talks about how to educate C-level executives about SEO so they see the value and are willing to make the investment in doing it right. In addition, keep watching for an educational mini-rant from Bruce about how SEO pricing works.

22:00 Delivering value goes hand in hand with the direction of internet marketing in 2015. Bruce talks about the importance of mobile design, pay-per-click strategies (PPC), schema markup, and maintenance.

33:07 How does AI (artificial intelligence) come into play?

37:09 The next generation of business people are coming up in an era where the entire experience of web usability (and devices) is more natural. So we talked a bit about why it’s important to focus on the customer experience, and an integrated marketing strategy.

52:00 What’s the one thing business owners need to do immediately to their web presence to be prepared for 2015?

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